The Future of Online Video

Oqoon is an innovative publishing platform for online video. Providing content creators with instant exposure, and viewers with maximum entertainment value, through an intelligent algorithm.

The resources for people around the world to produce high quality video content are developing fast. Leading to higher entertainment value in online video every day. Yet, there is no effective online video model separating the wheat from the chaff.

Our model introduces a user generated curation process, letting the best new online video content surface in an exclusive setting. A Global Channel on which every content creator wants to ‘air’ their video. If YouTube is an online video library, Oqoon is the online video Cinema.

Imagine this: You have produced an amazing short film, a creative or hilarious video, or an inspiring docu. What if you could share this with tens or even hundreds of thousands of people within 24 hours? If your content airs on Oqoon, it means everything!